6 Month and 1 Year Session Tips

Thank you for booking your baby’s 6 month or 1 year session! Below are a few tips to help ensure a smooth session for both you and baby!

  • Please schedule your session around baby’s naptime. Most babies are at their best immediately after their morning nap.
  • Please give baby a full feeding right before you head to the studio and bring a little extra snack to the session, just in case!
  • Many babies are teething at this age. If it is possible that your baby may be, please consider giving some baby pain reliever before heading to the studio or bringing some teething gel with you.
  • I recommend no more than 3 outfits for baby’s session. Babies this age tend to get irritated after a couple of outfit changes! If possible, bring baby in the first outfit we will be shooting. I will text you the morning of to let you know which that will be.
  • Please let me know ahead of time if your baby has any food allergies and we can discuss our cake options from there.
  • Please arrive 5-10 minutes early so baby has time to adjust to his/her surroundings a bit before becoming a supermodel!
  • Since I want baby looking mostly at the camera, I will do my best to get baby’s attention. However, since I am a stranger, sometimes I’ll need Mom or Dad to help with getting the smiles. I will direct you in where to stand, etc. if need be. If nothing else, you most likely will need to help with re-placing mobile babies.
  • Please bring anything that generally makes baby smile!!!
  • Most babies are over it in 1 hour and are ready to be done so I will do my best to move through the session quickly!

Hopefully these tips will help to ensure a happy and smiley baby!



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